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The Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount…. Specifically in Matthew, IS Jesus giving us a list of straight forward prohibitions?…Highest ideals not really meant for everyone?… Criteria for the most righteous and loved by God?… Instructions for our inner attitudes and motivations …

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Faith Formation

This comes from Fowler’s Faith levels adjusted for the purposes of discipleship.

Very Young Children: Undifferentiated Faith.

Pre-images of God, Care, Safety, and Trust are essential to learning

Pre-school Children: Intuitive-Projective Faith

It is primarily a reflective of parental …

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Skeptical about Church

I have been on a journey for really about 16 years. Since I was about 15 years old I have been asking the hard questions. I have asked the questions it seemed like no one else was asking, part of …

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What is sin?

What does the Bible say about sin?

  1. Transgression. Mt. 15:2-3
  2. Rebellion Romans 1:30 Disobedience to parents
  3. Treachery, Num. A Woman’s unfaithfulness to her husband
  4. Perversion. “to bend or to twist” Taking God’s creation and thinking or acting

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Jesus, Prayer and Lectio Divina

The Jesus Prayer (Greek: Η Προσευχή του Ιησού, i prosefchí tou iisoú) or “The Prayer” (Greek: Η Ευχή, i efchí̱ – literally “The Wish”) is a short, formulaic prayer esteemed and advocated within the Eastern Orthodox & Oriental Orthodox churches:…

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Hope and the Holy Spirit

The Spirit is the faceless one. Although nameless, his goal is unity. His anonymity provides a greater platform for his primary activity, which is unwavering selfless love. While he is inconspicuous, his work is not. I like to call him …

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Adam. “Where are you?” They say tone is everything for interpretation. It’s not what you say. Its how you say it. Can you sense it? If ever there was anxiety in the voice of God, it’s right here. This is …

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Every once in a while you’ll run into an idea that just seems like came out of no where. “Leave your country and your people” seems like one of those. And what often happens with an idea like this is …

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