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ONE: Rediscover Personal

Once there was only Adam. But his potential was the entire world. If anyone would have killed Adam the world as we know would cease to be. All of us are Adam at our beginning. And that is why the taking of one’s life is the loss of a potential world, then the saving of one life is the saving of an entire world. For this reason the sum of one life is immeasurable. Rediscover the potential and power of one by revisiting the lives of familiar figures in ways you’ve never explored before. Experience all of their raw forms…their indiscretions, yearnings and passions.

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This amazing journey is a must read for anyone who wants to grow and rediscover the joy of the Scriptures.

L. Alton Garrison, Assistant General Superintendent

Assemblies of God Fellowship

In a world of mass marketing and mass production, numerous opinion polls and statistics it is too easy to forget the value of one: one moment, one day, one person and one life.

David Pafford has done an excellent job of reminding us of the value of one, each and every one.  He has taken the time to demonstrate to us how one has the potential to change the world and make lasting impact for generations to come.  Not only will you be reminded of the value of others, but you also will be encouraged to know that in the middle of this incredibly busy and fast-moving world you have not been forgotten.  You are one person who can make an incredible difference.

Pafford believes in the power of one, just ask those he has spent one on one time with encouraging them in their faith journey and ministry: myself included. Enjoy.

Brad Riley, Lead Pastor

Faith Chapel, O’Fallon, Missouri

This is a good book for a seasoned leader to pick up and assess how much he or she values the individual encounter. It convicted me to steward moments. I found myself as well envisioning students picking it up and, after completion, wondering where they could encounter the One who made “mud breathe.”

Dr. Heath Adamson, Senior Executive at Convoy of Hope

Assemblies of God Fellowship

1 is a new look at an age-old story. There is passion, joy, sadness, acts of heroism, and more.  If you have ever perceived God as uninvolved in the course of human history this book will cause you to rethink that position.  1 shows us just how deeply involved God has been throughout history and reveals in a fresh way just how much He is interwoven into the tapestry of our lives today.”

Nick Arnold, Lead Pastor, Family Worship Center

Smithville, Missouri