Core Values

I. Effective Communication

Leadership is competence.  Leading can only come through gaining influence. Influence comes only through creating a shared meaning in the context of a relationship. This can only be achieved by communicating who we are and what we are about.

II. Great Compassion

Change of society must be both inward out and outward in. We must hold social ecology and the reality of personal relationship together in a tension.  Effective social change takes place at the communal and micro-structural level, not just at the macro-structural level. Kingdom institutions (churches, businesses, schools, etc) function as methods to improve society. When we come to faith we saved not by good works but unto good works. If we live in the Spirit, then we can do good works like no one else can.

III. Dependable Community

Community in the modern world has the tendency to be shallowly based on agendas. Community that is dependable is uniquely apart of those groups that covenant together. This world is craving people that are real and are there for one another. This goes beyond the formality of church services to the gritty reality of doing life as true neighbors.

IV. Embodied Selflessness

Living simply allows the rediscovery of complete life in Christ and allowing this to satisfy your soul. Out of this we become others centered. You cannot fulfill the second great commandment until you find satisfaction in living out the first.

V. Refreshing Authenticity

Jesus embodied the truth. He didn’t simply point out falsehood. Through no argument or apologetic can a person find love. You embody the truth. You have to be candid with yourself first.