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The Last Disciple

About the book and the action that hopefully comes of it…

The Last Disciple

In an era of religious mass production, so many church models invest their energies toward gathering a crowd, singing songs, and preaching messages. This is a book  for those interested, not simply in doing church, but in asking hard questions about why we do what we do. Answers to these hard questions are the very basis of the foundation of the local church’s existence. The hope is that individuals in local churches refocus on personal discipleship.

As a paper back the book can be purchased at the publisher: Wipf and Stock, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booktopia, Cokesbury, Biblio and many other retailers. Generally the cost ranges from $16- $20.

Or you can get it on your Kindle…

“Finally, a must-read book on Pentecostal ecclesiology. At a time when Pentecostal churches are attempting to redefine their purpose, Pafford offers a new vision of the vocation of the church. The Last Disciple includes both a thorough study of Pentecostal ecclesiology and a relevant, pragmatic approach to problems that the church faces in a postmodern world.”

-Dr. Robert Harden
Dean of Graduate Studies
Southwestern Assemblies of God University

“The Apostle Paul admonished us to pass the faith along to the next generation (2 Timothy 2:2). From the time he started his ministry in Antioch to the time of his death, he was rarely seen alone. He was always in the process of discipling a young believer. We must adopt as a chief concern of the church the need to pass the faith along to our generation and the next and the next. Dave Pafford carefully instructs us how to do just that most effectively.”

-Dr. Gary A. Denbow
Former President, Central Bible College

Dean of Missions for North Central University

“Dave’s love for the church and passion for the Spirit are all over this book. It is obvious that he has not only done his homework, but he’s also done the hard work of prayer as he’s wrestled with some tough issues. My prayer is that God would use this tool to equip his people and build his Kingdom.”

-Scotty Gibbons
Director, Realife Student Ministries
James River Assembly

“No stone left unturned. Pafford addresses discipleship from every angle tackling some of the most difficult and controversial topics. His blend of insight, knowledge of church history, metaphoric imagery, and humor make The Last Disciple an enjoyable yet essential read for everyone regardless of their position in life’s journey.”

-Mark Entzminger
Senior Director of Children’s Ministry
General Council of the Assemblies of God

“I certainly concur with Pafford on the condition of and the challenges facing the Pentecostal churches of today. The statement that ‘the lens through which the American community interprets the Gospel is the local church, not the Bible’ should be a powerful catalyst to the church in every generation to so live in the Word and in the Spirit so as to clearly reflect the NT Church.”

-Dr. James K. Bridges
Former General Treasurer
Assemblies of God