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Rise: Creativity & Possibility

What’s really possible?

The number #1 “leadership competency” of the future is creativity according to a recent CEO poll. In a vastly changing world where unemployment is high and traditional skills can be outsourced or automated, the most valuable, sought after, and stable skills will be the ones with a high degree of creativity. Yet our very way of life has been programmed to make us consumers, to make us passive, and simply to be receivers. This took place even in the Church.

Now you’ve got to consume, life depends on it. But if all you do is consume, you’ll risk becoming a “common.” In the future being a “common consumer” is about the riskiest move you could make.

In another words it’s better to create than to consume. It’s healthier, more energizing and frankly more fulfilling. So if it’s better to give, then you need to have something to give. To give is to create. And you were designed to becreative.

Get ready to do some creating. Designed with small groups in mind, this journey will fundamentally challenge the way you think about grace, your work, and your unique contribution to the world.