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The Mission Continues

Its no secret that America is in need of more young innovative leaders. And never before has it been more important to do ministry as a team. Teamwork, collaboration and idea sharing are more critical in a ever changing moving culture. I’m convinced that never before are people, especially students open to listening to leaders that make a personal investment.

Moreover, this needs to move beyond the confines of a church into life in a community. There are young leaders across America that need sponsorship and encouragement beyond traditional district ministries. Leaders need community beyond their own city and town of ministry.

This is a call for sponsorship and mentorship in relationship. Please contact Dave if you would like to make a relational, educational or even financial investment into the life of a pastor, staff or key leader. The most valuable thing you can give is your time. Imagine how you could encourage the next influential leader!

Let’s together see young creative leaders grow beyond our widest expectations.