Why my coaching is different?

My coaching services have four purposes: to remove obstacles so leader can resume their productive career, develop promising organizational leaders, optimize learning of specific content, and facilitate self-motivated improvement with career or performance focus.

Development coaching typically starts with a broad view concerning values, attitudes, and general behaviours in areas such as interpersonal skills.  The development is often guided by information from sources other than the client, such as subordinates, supervisors, observation, or diagnostic tests.

  • My coaching paradigm: the coach is not the expert, but the ‘thought partner’
  • The coach works to ask question that prompt coachee to discover important answers.
  • Coaching is essentially ‘just in time’ training – tailored specifically to meet an individual’s particular needs.
  • My coaching assumes that people are basically good and will grow.  It does not assume that the coachee is broken and needs fixing up.
  • Coaching provides an environment in which people receive unconditional positive regard.  Acceptance is unconditional, and people are truly heard.
  • I work to understand the client’s internal frame of reference.

When to seek a ministry coach?

When your organization wants to have a group of people coached on something specific like a new tool.

Most leaders who seek coaching demand services for time management (80%), career guidance (74%) or ministry advice (73%). (Levinsky, 2000)