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Paul, Timothy and their Relationship

            The Reflection

There were tears in his eyes as he said goodby. Paul knew that hardships, conflict, and troublesome people awaited him. Yet Paul knew God would use those in Timothy’s life. Paul was proud of Timothy. Today he was …

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Mark Buntain Redux

Mark Buntain is a man known for his work in missions around the world. He is especially known for his work in Calcutta, India. Mark attributes his deep love for people the people of Calcutta through the hardships and temptations …

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Leading Youth Leaders

Typically, its easier to gain influence with students in a church organization. This is because youth pastors can infuse more time and energy with teens given their schedule and your ability to provide services that connects with them. For this …

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Leadership 101

Of course, leader development is something we can be doing now even as new initiatives and possibilities roll out. So don’t quit your day dream. But also remember that most of us visionaries can have the tendency to live in …

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What is sin?

What does the Bible say about sin?

  1. Transgression. Mt. 15:2-3
  2. Rebellion Romans 1:30 Disobedience to parents
  3. Treachery, Num. A Woman’s unfaithfulness to her husband
  4. Perversion. “to bend or to twist” Taking God’s creation and thinking or acting

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Jesus, A New Commandment I Give You

I suppose there is not a more important teaching in all the New Testament given to us than this one. Jesus Himself said that love was part of the weightier matters of the law. Jesus said love for God and …

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