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Deep Faith in a Shallow World

Deep Faith in a Shallow World:

We have inherited a faith formed by a Jewish man and a band of his friends, which became a global movement with three centers (Rome, Constantinople, and North Africa) in its first 500 years.…

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Mark Buntain Redux

Mark Buntain is a man known for his work in missions around the world. He is especially known for his work in Calcutta, India. Mark attributes his deep love for people the people of Calcutta through the hardships and temptations …

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Scholastic Theology and the Rise of Mendicant Orders

I. The Rise of the Mendicant Orders

A. Before the 12th century: secular & regular clergy

B. Friars/ mendicants: (observant/conventual, calsed/discaled)

  • Carmelites (O Carm.) founded in 1154
  • Francisians (O.F.M.)
  • Dominicans (O.P.)
  • Augustinian Hermits (O.E.S.A.)

Friars and Mendicants had general …

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The Filioque Controversy…Who sends the Son?

The first issue to look at comes from Augustine’s doctrine of the double precession of the Holy Spirit.

A. The doctrine of the Trinity: A Historical Overview. The Trinity is in & behind the New Testament. The doctrine is not …

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The Controversy over Iconoclasm

A. Preliminary definitions: icons and iconoclasm.

(1) An icon is a two-dimensional image, not 3-D (a picture, not a statue) The Second Council of Nicaea refined this definition to allow for bas-relief (Low relief).

(2) An iconoclast is one who …

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