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Niche Educational Programs

Traditional liberal arts university programs generally focus on giving students a well-rounded education. There is an incredible opportunity to disrupt that broad model and instead create small and focused programs. Different sectors of industries may be very interested in sponsoring …

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Judges 5, Deborah

Judges chapter 5 tells in part the story of Deborah. She is introduced in Judges 4:4 as a prophetess and a judge. Judges 4 tells that Deborah would sit under a tree, known as the palm of Deborah where the …

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Acts 28, Paul on Malta


Sources seem to indicate that Paul was imprisoned at Caesarea for two years. From this, it seems that Paul may have been on his journey to Rome anywhere from 59 to 62 A.D. Therefore, the historical context of this …

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Stephen’s Speech, Acts 7

Stephen’s speech is often called a defense, or apology, but it is obviously not a speech for the defense in the forensic sense of the term.[1] It is not calculated to receive exoneration before the Sanhedrin. Bruce sees it …

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Wind in Acts 2

This paper will focus on the phenomenon of wind as well as its purpose of being in conjunction with the first baptism and infilling of the Holy Spirit delineated in Act 2:1-13. The second verse of Acts chapter 2 starts …

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