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A.W. TOZER said that we are not diplomats but prophets, our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum.

We are heralds. Burning voices. In the line of John the Baptizer…

I can almost imagine John himself saying, I maybe …

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The Remedy

The Remedy

The riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of man.


Sometimes I call the Holy Spirit the whisper in the Wind.

The Whisper is the faceless one. Although nameless, his goal is unity. His …

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The Fall of Man

ADAM. “Where are you?” They say tone is everything for interpretation. It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it. Can you sense it? If ever there was anxiety in the voice of God, it’s right here. This is …

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Adam and Life

THEY SAY 6 degrees separate every human being on this planet. Every person that’s ever lived, every human being that will come after we die is connected to us. No matter who you are you can say this: “I am …

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Deep Faith in a Shallow World

Deep Faith in a Shallow World:

We have inherited a faith formed by a Jewish man and a band of his friends, which became a global movement with three centers (Rome, Constantinople, and North Africa) in its first 500 years.…

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The Filioque Controversy…Who sends the Son?

The first issue to look at comes from Augustine’s doctrine of the double precession of the Holy Spirit.

A. The doctrine of the Trinity: A Historical Overview. The Trinity is in & behind the New Testament. The doctrine is not …

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According to Calvin: Why is Predestination not Unjust

Definitions of Justice and Predestination

The idea of predestination being just has to include a discussion around what exactly Calvin thinks justice and predestination are. Justice can often be relegated in the human category to the idea of fairness. One …

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