Adam. “Where are you?” They say tone is everything for interpretation. It’s not what you say. Its how you say it. Can you sense it? If ever there was anxiety in the voice of God, it’s right here. This is no question of interrogation. It’s a question of concern and apprehension. I think it’s also the same question that the Second Adam will also ask of God. Oh, He will ask it in a different way and at a different place when He experiences once and for all what the first Adam is experiencing now. And what is that you ask? Separation. It is not like any type of separation that I can describe. It’s almost unutterable because it challenges our very fiber of being. Why have you forsaken me? Why have you left me? It may indeed be a question that God asks of every human being and that every human being asks of God.

God asks it because for however long it was, God enjoyed being with man. God has always enjoyed being with man. God loves the individual. And he loved Adam. He loved Adam more than any of his other creatures. So much so that he gave him a capacity that exceeded far beyond all others creatures. And one of those abilities was gardening. Adam loved the garden but above all he loved trees. They always started so small and got so big. He was so fascinated with them and would climb every one he could. Swinging from branch, he loved to throw the fruit at the ground so he could get another tree. The fruit was especially astonishing.

And because of his fascination God put all sorts of tree seeds in the ground of the garden. This is after all the only place that life can grow from the earth at this point. This was a paradise park of unimaginable proportions. Only two trees are named and anyone with an ounce of imagination might suspect that planted here were also trees with other types of powerfully transformational fruit. If man lived on words from God alone, perhaps the other trees’ fruit were God’s whisperings as he blew through the garden. Each fruit a God-breath sustaining man. We know that they were good and they were food. So that every time man would take a bite it was if he was experiencing something new and afresh.

And God allowed his creation to be part of the creative process. God would start with a breeze pushing the soil up from the earth. All at once His wind thrust, casting invisible contours creating a shape. Water would spin off of the soil as the wind twisted fibers and limbs out of it. Whole fingers and toes would come together. Legs and paws would revolve on this invisible potter wheel. After each piece of mud clumped together and emerged into one form, man would think up name of his own choosing and apply it. God breathed and the mud moved.