The Age of Dis-innocence

Here’s a conversation my soul has been having. It’s related to conversation, civic discourse and the appropriateness of conversations related to sex. One dynamic is what is the proper venue and who is the right person/ persons to discuss sex as a topic. Calling on leaders who love people beyond an agenda, organization, or ideology…. Without serious push back, there’s a deep shift in many North American structures related to the loss of innocence and human rights. There is a spirit of ambivalence toward innocences. This is related to children. Make no mistake that there are those who wish to deconstruct the family and do not care about the impact on children.

Some of my thoughts here as it intersects civics and a covenant relationship designed by God.

The assumption of our embodied existence is connected to physical existence. The soul is at the center of the metaphysical wholeness of the mind-body-spirit question. Because we are sexual beings and since sex by its very nature reaches out to others, (in general) we are incomplete as isolated individuals. We seek completeness and community through bonding with others, which is why the topic of sex is a topic for one’s community. Covenant is necessary because humans will keep reaching out, seeking to be complete. Some of you use sex for identity because you still haven’t found what you’re looking for. And you won’t find what you’re looking for…. You won’t find it apart from community.

The topic of sex is appropriate for families to discuss. Families are the basic building block of community, of society. This is also why a covenant is necessary. The Christian tradition assumes this and part of the covenantal assumption is an age of innocence. Children should be given this right and freedom regardless of affiliation, which has been assumed through many cultures. Western culture is shifting and leaving the roots of this basic human understanding behind, to its own demise. 

Without a covenant, there is no incarnation. Without incarnation, there is no humanness to covenant to humanity. Without covenant, life is simply a construct of unsatiable appetites. Freedom is in the boundaries of the canvas. Without that, there is no real medium for humanity to be painted upon. No bath for the water. No innocence. Just noise. Just dis-innocence.