We have entered the age of dis-incarnation. 

Digital omniscience is available. No matter. No nation.

Fruit? No, it’s not justice. It’s just a trust us. 

If you fit the algorithm, but it’s an imitation.

Profile; selectable mannerism; a tasty simulation. 

Feel the rhythm and your attested.

Agenda complete, coded, crested, and the use of you then…rested.  


Commence with suspending this age of dis-innocence.
Humans have rights and children have innocence. No name. No age. 

Intense. A fence. Now an age of no innocence and illogical dissonance.

Call the abolitionists. Totally sus this sixpence defense of indifference.

All of us participants in the incidence of in-digit-nous of ambivalence. 

Can we not love people beyond our agenda, organization or ideology?