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Women Speaking Justified

Margaret Fell otherwise known as Margaret Fox was one the founders of the Religious Society of Friends and has often been called the mother of Quakerism. Fell married Thomas Fell who was a judge, and in this way she became …

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Athanausias On the Incarnation of the Word

Athanasius of Alexander was a bishop in the fourth century. During this time a presbyter by the name of Arius taught a heretical doctrine of Christ. Arius thought that there was a time before God the Father begat Jesus and …

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Faith Formation

This comes from Fowler’s Faith levels adjusted for the purposes of discipleship.

Very Young Children: Undifferentiated Faith.

Pre-images of God, Care, Safety, and Trust are essential to learning

Pre-school Children: Intuitive-Projective Faith

It is primarily a reflective of parental …

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Jesus, Prayer and Lectio Divina

The Jesus Prayer (Greek: Η Προσευχή του Ιησού, i prosefchí tou iisoú) or “The Prayer” (Greek: Η Ευχή, i efchí̱ – literally “The Wish”) is a short, formulaic prayer esteemed and advocated within the Eastern Orthodox & Oriental Orthodox churches:…

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The Mission of the Church: Being Missional

Lesslie Newbigin writes, “the mission of the church is the radioactive fallout of an explosion of joy” (The Gospel in a Pluralist Society, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1989, 127). Lesslie’s image illustrates that mission is the spontaneous outcome of …

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